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We are Paleo Fitness

Rotherham's only CrossFit Gym
Varied & Functional Workouts
High Intensity Workouts
Weight Lifting
Strength Training
Barbell Club
Professional coaches
Beginner Courses

Circuit Training
Functional fitness gym
High Intensity
Boot Camps
Fat Loss
Fitness Classes
Suitable for everyone
Free Week

Fully Equipped Boxing Gym
Professional Coaches
Kids Classes
Amateur Boxing Club
Recreational Boxing
Pay as you train
Private Coaching available

Space for Rent
Run your classes from Paleo Fitness
Personal Training
Fully Equipped Gym
Fantastic Community of people
Cafe Area
Internet access
Changing Rooms & Showers

Memberships to suit everyone. No Contracts. No Sign up fee.

Welcome to Paleo Fitness

Hello and welcome to the tribe. Here at our gym, Paleo Fitness, we pride ourselves on community and providing a service that helps you escape and guide yourself to a happier healthier version of yourself that fits around YOU! As in any family, we realise that all our members have different goals, aspirations, commitments, stressors and things they enjoy. For this reason we aim to provide classes and services to cater for all tastes to serve and aid you on your fitness journey to become and stay fit.

Take a look around our website at our classes, coaches and the services we offer then when you find something that you like, take advantage or our Tribal Fitness FREE Week trial or book onto a CrossFit taster session or CrossFit Foundation Course. If you are unsure where to start, Contact Us and we will explain everything.


Something for Everyone. Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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  • Test Week

    Sun, 24 Sep 2017

    This week men and women you will be free to work through a selection of different strength and conditioning tests. Il put the tests below and they will be on the whiteboard and SugarWod. Each day I …

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  • I ad an vision daaaaaan pit!

    Sun, 17 Sep 2017

    Eyup petal, As been daaaaan pit and gone a bit loopy due ta oxygen depletion. 3 budgies died while a wa on me last shift. Anywayz, in me mad stupor, I ad an epiphany and thought ad put ya through …

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  • Hi

    Sun, 10 Sep 2017

    Hello there boys and girls. This week behind the big metal shutter lies a land of opportunities, where everyman and women can take their stake in the land of gainz. But be careful, I hear they are …

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