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What is Paleo Fitness? Paleo is short for Paleolithic aka the caveman era. We at Paleo Fitness believe you should train and eat how the body was designed, eat natural heathy food that either grows from the ground or you have to catch and use your freshly fuelled body to carry, climb, push, pull and conquer any task that comes to hand. 

Just like humans have evolved, so has Paleo Fitness. Originally we started off providing the circuits we still offer today, but as we started to grow so did our community and we wanted to provide more for our newly found family members. We now we offer everything from CrossBox classes to CrossFit kids classes 

Our core value is to help you be healthy and happy and we believe our community can get you there!

Who we are



Programmer & CrossFit Trainer

Always eager to learn and eager to please, the guy can party too!! After leaving the Royal Marines and meeting Mark on their personal training qualification the duo instantly formed a strong bond and realised they could join forces to create a super gym, and so paleo was born!

With an unhealthy obsession about the gym, Fritz’s eyes often roll to the back of his head computing his methods and means to put you through your paces. With a long list of CrossFit and fitness qualifications and a blood thirst for knowledge, Fritz is his own lab rat and is constantly refining his skills and expertise to make the average become awesome!



Manager & CrossFit Trainer

With a background in sports science and an amateur and professional boxing coach with almost autistic organisational skills Mark has the fitness and business knowledge to keep the gym running sweet!

Using his long, long, long, long, long, long years in coaching Mark is able to help athletes understand movements and skills that previously seemed like coded war messages taking them to the next level!



All-round Beast and CrossFit Trainer

Matt often has to wear Kevlar t-shirts to stop his abs bursting through his top. This man lives eats and sleeps CrossFit and borders on superhuman (he said he moved here from area 52 and mentioned something about being in a Marvel comic, I dunno? ).

With great power comes great responsibility (yeah I used a superhero quote) and he lives to serve, Matt thrives on using his CrossFit obsession to help others and will often float in with a small pearl of wisdom and fly back out with his cape rustling in wind. After writing this I’ve just realised Matt is actually a superhero. p.s Matt and Fritz are in love.



Barbell Club Coach

Forget Mad Max now meet Mad Matt. A cross between the mind of Mensa and a mental institute this man is a weightlifting maniac. Do not confuse his almost drunk enthusiasm, the man has just evolved a form of communication most humans haven't ascended to yet.

He can turn water into wine and once was about to feed 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Instead he taught them to weight lift and slapped them with the fish if they got it wrong. People seemed to think feeding them would look better so they put that in the bible (he also got slapped with a fish and hit with a loaf of bread).



Head Boxing Coach & Fitness Instructor

Owner of Millennium Boxing Gym, Jamie is responsible for producing some of the best amateur and professional boxers in Britain but soon after realising they were a bunch of gel'd up divas he now focuses his skills on helping the community become fighting fit.

Jamie runs our circuit classes and his loving, friendly but 'I have the skills punch you in the face attitude' reflects in his circuits. You will find no other circuit like it, enjoy yourself and leave wanting more!



Barbell Yoda

Chris looks at barbells and they start floating. With the look of a fighter pilot and the weightlifting Wisdom of a Zen Master Chris was another person we realised would only bring good things and fortune to Paleo Fitness.

Chris is part of Hallam barbell and trains with some of the smartest, strongest coaches and athletes in Britain. Often found in special tight Lycra that powers his gravity defying lifts, Chris runs our Foundation Barbell courses and other weightlifting knowledge bombs we decide to throw your way, Clang and Bang with a knowledge BOOM!



Kids Boxing Coach

Danger by name danger by nature. With a heart of gold and some world famous dance moves this man is Paleo Fitness's mascot. Often seen with 5 cuppa's in one hand and a Hoover in the other while moonwalking, it's fair to say the gym would definitely be quieter without danger!

As Jamie's assistant coach and head of kids boxing, Martin helps sculpt the future of the boxing and fitness world into a frenzy with his crazy and caring demeanour.



Tech Goddess & CrossFit Trainer

Michelle can see the matrix! A full on Metalhead Michelle originally came to us as a client who was interested in our classes. We soon realised she was a special lady and screamed genius and we had to have her as part of the team!

With her hard work in and out of the gym, I have yet to find a person who dedicates more of their time and soul to the task she is undertaking. Without Mush, Fritz and Mark would probably be communicating through telegram and she is responsible for a lot of the Paleo you see today!

Our core value is to help you be healthy and happy and we believe our community can get you there!

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