• Courses at Paleo Fitness

Courses at Paleo Fitness

We run regular foundation CrossFit, beginner weightlifting and olympic lifting courses as well as other speciality workshops.  

CrossFit Foundation Course


3 Session Evening Beginner Course - Only £40

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6.30pm - 8pm

During our 3 session foundation course, we will teach you the moves, give you the knowledge and impart our wisdom. Do not fear even if you haven't done any exercise since borrowing some shorts out of the lost and found at school we will take you to a confident and competent crossfitting fiend.

Once you have completed your CrossFit beginner course, you will receive a week free so you can jump straight in to the CrossFit Party.*

One Day Course - Beginner CrossFit Course Over One Day - Only £40

We also offer our Beginner CrossFit course over one day. The course will cover all the CrossFit moves and principles needed to get you started with our regular CrossFit classes and will be the perfect opportunity for you to learn the technique and skills of CrossFit, have fun and meet other beginners who have decided to start their CrossFit journey too.

And don't forget, once you have completed our beginner course you will receive a free week to try out your new skills in our CrossFit Classes.*

* Free week offer only available if you haven't had a free week with us before.

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