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Getting Started at CrossFit Rotherham

1. Experienced CrossFitter or complete new starter?

If you are an experienced crossfitter, once you have touched base with us you are able to book on to any of our classes. If we are your first exposure to CrossFit then you must attend one of our foundation courses to be able to take part in the CrossFit program. Because of the broad spectrum of movements, skills and training techniques involved this is essential for you to get the most out of CrossFit and provide a safe and smooth running environment to be in.

2. What do you need to do?

If you are new to CrossFit and need to book on to one of our foundation programs then find out when our next course is by following the link below or clicking on our courses tab.

3. The journey begins

After you have completed your foundation course you will receive a FREE WEEK so you can jump right in and join the CrossFit party. You will become part of a great community and constantly be measuring your progress which both are great ways to become and stay motivated.

CrossFit Foundation Course

During our foundation course, which is separated into 6 session over 3 weeks, we will teach you the moves, give you the knowledge and impart our wisdom. Do not fear even if you haven't done any exercise since borrowing some shorts out of the lost and found at school we will take you to a confident and competent crossfitting fiend.

On your first session, after starting off with some basic movements, you will be put through your paces with a famous benchmark CrossFit workout. At the end of the course you will be put through this workout once again using your newly found skills and knowledge to crush the workout, leave your enemies grovelling at your feet and you will taste the sweet flavour of success earned through hard work and team work. Welcome to CrossFit Rotherham!

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CrossFit Rotherham Classes

CrossFit Class

Monday - Saturday : Various Times

Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, box jumps, burpees and more in timed and measured workouts so you can test your fitness against yourselves and others. Classes will cover different skill, strength, and fitness aspects that could be anything from back squats to handstand walking. Then we will put a number of movements together and ask you to perform them against the clock............ 3,2,1 GO!

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CrossFit Gymnastics

Every Thursday at 4.20pm 5.30pm

Become a body weight master in our CrossFit gymnastics class. In this class we take down the tempo and ramp up the technical coaching. This class is where you will be able to spend some practicing your kips, handstands and rope climbs. This class is suitable for all levels and is great if your starting out and wanting to build your base or if you’ve been CrossFitting a while and are on the quest for perfection.

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CrossFit Teens

Holiday Club - Tuesday & Thursday 11-12.30

Release your potential. At CrossFit Rotherham we want you to become the best possible version of yourself. We run our Crossfit teens classes with an emphasis on strength and movement and keep the workouts short. In a day and age where there are a lot of negative external influences outside of home life, we think CrossFit is the perfect vessel to provide direction. We have a great community and constantly seeing your self-progress through benchmark workouts and tests is a great way to stay motivated. Plus being the fittest kid in school is pretty awesome!

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Open Gym

Come along at any time during open gym sessions to hone your skills, make your weaknesses your strengths and your strengths even stronger. What's ours is yours and we want you to use this time to work on goals you sometimes don't get chance to in class with the instruction, supervision and expertise of our trainers.

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