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Getting Started at Tribal Fitness

All you have to do is register online here, fill in a short health questionnaire and then you can book onto the classes you wish to try.

All you need is comfortable training clothes, some water and you are ready to have fun and get fit!

What we offer at TRIBAL FITNESS

Tribal Circuit

Monday, Wednesday & Friday : 6pm - 7pm

"Where am I, what happened, I was happy, I was scared, one minute I was traversing a bouldering wall then I was climbing some ropes, pushing a sled and going over cargo nets. Burpees, box jumps and battling ropes, kettlebells, beer kegs and some guy called Jamie Kennedy shouting at me to go faster. What just happened?" You've just been to our tribal circuit class where your task is to push, pull, carry climb and conquer while having fun and get super fit while doing it.

We challenge you to a find more varied circuit. If you want to have fun while getting fit then Tribal circuits are for you! Our circuit classes are open to everyone and include 1 week for free.

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CrossBox - Boxing Circuit

Wednesday : 7pm - 8pm

A mixture of boxing training delivered by professional coaches including Pads, Bagwork, Footwork, Skills and Drills mixed in with circuit based exercises, groundwork and Olympic Lifting.

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Boot Camps

Coming Soon to Paleo Fitness

We will be running 6-8 week bootcamp sessions where you will have all your measurents, body fat and weight taken and we will track your progress over the 6-8 weeks. You will be given fitness advice and exclusive bootcamp training sessions for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Open Gym - Personal Trainer space - Space for Rent

Various times available

We have a fully equipped gym which can be used for open gym sessions if available as well as space to rent if you are a personal trainer. We also have a large room downstairs which can be rented out for classes such as martial arts. Just contact us to find out when the space is available.

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Something for Everyone. Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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