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What we offer at TRIBAL FITNESS

Tribal Bootcamp

Monday, Wednesday & Friday : 6pm - 7pm

Functional Fitness Bootcamps. Cardio, strength and movement in a fun circuit style workout.

"Where am I, one minute I was traversing a bouldering wall then I was climbing some ropes and pushing a sled. Burpees, box jumps and battle ropes and kettlebells." Our tribal circuit class where your task is to push, pull, carry climb and conquer while having fun and get super fit while doing it.

We challenge you to a find more varied circuit. If you want to have fun while getting fit then Tribal circuits are for you! Our circuit classes are open to everyone and include 1 week for free.

CrossBox - Boxing Circuit

Friday : 7pm - 8pm

A mixture of boxing training delivered by professional coaches including Pads, Bagwork, Footwork, Skills and Drills mixed in with circuit based exercises, groundwork and Olympic Lifting.

Something for Everyone. Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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